The Alchemy of Winter

2024 has arrived with weather here more like November at the outset but Mother Nature is now pulling out her winter tricks and giving us what we’re used to in the Kawarthas. I am itching to get out for a good X Country ski and snowshoe but there’s rain on top of the snow dump from last night so still waiting.

It’s so healthy and invigorating to get out and get active in the fresh winter air, also inspiring with the beauty of the winter landscapes. I love the way snow outlines the contours of buildings and transforms trees into majestic sculptures.

Satchmo2023 was a year full of exciting events and surprises. The one sadness was saying farewell to Satchmo my erstwhile companion for 14 years, many memories remain to honour him.

Graham Gusterson entered my life in October 2022 and we have a sincere loving relationship through last year and are happily welcoming this new year together in his home. I am so blessed to have a wonderful true love partner I never thought would have been in my life again but here he is!

My work at Art ExpoIn my art world, there were numerous exciting adventures. I exhibited three paintings with ArtaVita at the 2023 New York Artexpo in April. Graham and I flew to New York for the grand opening – and it was a grand New York “moment”. We enjoyed New York – a first for both of us over the long weekend. The Ameritania Hotel was our NY home – right in Times Square. We caught an On-Off bus and explored Central Park, as well as several excellent restaurants. Even had brunch with a former student  and good friend Dr. Caroline Cole and her young family. We flew by Porter Airlines which I highly commend, you can avoid Pearson entirely.

Sassy - Birthday GIrlAround Easter, we welcomed our new furry member, Sassy, a Golden Retriever. Since I’ve only had Springer Spaniels, a Golden is an entirely but delightful (mostly) new experience. She is now 11 months and every day has a new lesson! I’m looking forward to more training and when she’s old enough agility work.

The summer brought great weather for gardening and my herbs and tomato plants flourished. My weekend  Encaustic workshop and week class in Haliburton went perfectly. As always the students were inspired and engaged, producing an impressive display of work.

I am always amazed by the prolific creating. Haliburton School of Design offers a unique summer school from June to August with a tremendous selection of classes ranging from a variety of visual art mediums to music and theatre.

Haliburton 2023
Haliburton 2023

In September I was part of the Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour, sharing the Wilkins Art Factory space with Sarah St. Pierre. It had been a few years since I did the tour and the visitors were nicely engaged with both of our art.

Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour

My last venture was a solo show at Melt Gallery in Picton, Prince Edward County in November/December. Melt Gallery, owned by a good friend, Susan Wallis, is  located in the historical airforce compound Base 31. It was used during WWII to train fighter pilots from the UK and is now being transformed into a cultural centre. Beside Melt there is another gallery and a performance venue as well as an experiential playground area. This was my first solo show in quite some time and I was pleased with the space and the visitor reception.

Melt Studio show-2023
Melt Solo Show 2023

So, I am anticipating an incredible 2024 and going forward with marvelous new activities and adventures! Stay tuned!