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If there’s one language that is truly universal – capable of speaking directly to every human mind and heart on a primal level – it’s art. Since the beginning of humanity itself, people have been using various forms of art to communicate with others, record events, and express deeply felt emotions that are difficult (or even impossible) to put into words. That said, it’s not difficult to see why the work of a skillful artist develops a value that extends far beyond dollars and cents.

Susan Fisher creates just such vivid and imaginative works of art. Specializing in the encaustic art form, Susan is currently one of Canada’s most successful and respected artists in the medium. She also passes on what she’s learned through her mastery of encaustic as a seasoned instructor in the technique. Step into Susan’s creative world for a unique and engaging experience sure to make an impression you’ll never forget…

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Amet ligula ornare et varius mattis.

Feel free to browse the art gallery section of this site and treat yourself to some stunning examples of Susan’s best work, or check the exhibition schedule for information on where you can see her amazing encaustic art in person.

Looking for more information on where and how you can learn the ancient art of encaustic from Susan herself through her  Visit the workshop section for a full rundown of prices, availability, and additional details.

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Susan offers Workshop in a variety of ways.  Group, Private or join other students at Haliburton School of the Art.

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