Fluid Home Decor

Fluid Home Decor is the home design division of Fluid Studio.

Early on in her painting career, Susan recognized the impressive flexibility inherent in the encaustic art technique. She combines her creative vision, imagination and use of both reclaimed and re-purposed materials to create eye-catching home decor art.

“One of the many things I love about the encaustic technique is that it can be applied to so many objects, and thus turn ordinary, everyday pieces into works of art. A dated table or old door suddenly becomes a centre piece in a room.”

This page provides examples of just some of the items to which encaustic art can be applied to create stunning, eye-catching pieces.

Susan’s unique art screens can be used as wall art, room dividers or window coverings. Originally created for a Fashion Frenzy Charity Event in Toronto, Susan now does commissioned screens.

To find out where Susan’s work retails or to carry her pieces in your retail store or interior design showroom, please contact Fluid Studio.

Do you have an idea for an item you’d like transformed into a piece of encaustic art? Click here. You will be contacted within 24 hours.