Susan Fisher Workshop ImageDescription of workshop sessions

  • Small groups (no larger than 8 in the multi day sessions) so everyone gets individual attention.
  • All encaustic materials (ie. paints and medium) are supplied
  • All encaustic tools and equipment are supplied
  • Encaustic materials and equipment available for purchase during the workshop period
  • Lunch provided
  • Slides and examples of encaustic works and discussion period introduces many inspirational ideas for the beginning encaustic painter

What you can expect:

  • A solid working knowlege of the unique techniques of layering, image transfer, mixed media and texturing inherent with encaustic painting
  • How to set up a safe and healthy studio for encaustics, how to work safely with encaustics
  • At least 5 finished works

You are required to bring supports adequate for encaustics such as:

  • wood panels or blocks (eg. birch veneer panel)
  • untempered masonite
  • raw canvas, handmade paper, 300lb. watercolour paper, rice paper, natural fibers or cloth, string, cheesecloth, door skin (luan) plaster, unglazed ceramic (eg. tiles or even sculpture pieces)
  • graphite drawings, photographs and/or xeroxed images
  • any material that is natural (ie. not synthetic), any support with an absorbant surface (clayboard and boards prepped for egg tempera also work)